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Benenzon Centers Worldwide


Every country has a Benenzon center and every center will thus be able to have branches in each geographical area, which will cooperate with the relevant center. In its turn, the center of every country is obliged to cooperate with the Academy for purposes of academic coordination as well as for the predetermined financial percentage as agreed by the Administration and the Scientific Committee. Accordingly, all Magistri will be able to work collectively for the continuous evolution of the model. The Benenzon Centers have the right to provide the courses marked with green colour. The rest of the Academic courses are exclusively provided by the two seats, the one in Argentina and the one in Cyprus.


The Benenzon Centers or the magistri recognized by the Benenzon International Organization sign a contract with the Academy to establish their necessary bindings, either they are financial or academic.  


The students make all their payments directly to the Academy, except for their personal therapy, levels and supervision which are directly paid to the relevant Benenzon Center or / and Magister. The Benenzon Centers or / and Magistri must pay the predetermined percentage to the Academy. In this manner, all Magistri are to work for the therapeutic as well as the educational part. 


Conjointly with the Academy, the Benenzon International Organization has been founded. It safeguards the validity of the degrees and ensures the professional register, wherein all Benenzon therapists who follow and work with the Benenzon model must be registered.   


The persons who are currently taking a course in the Benenzon Centers are entitled to enroll, after passing an exam organised by the Scientific Committee.


All Benenzon therapists must submit forms of continuous education and training to the Benenzon International Organization every three years in order to achieve the renewal of their license for practicing the profession (membership). This ensures the maximum quality of services provided by the therapists to the patients. Whoever fails to present the relevant forms, will automatically lose the right of membership.


All persons who already hold the title of Magister must attend a special seminar with Prof. Dr. Rolando O. Benenzon, in order to be eligible for membership in the Organization. 


Upon the establishment of the Benenzon International Academy, exclusively and solely this institution has the right to issue any title entitling its holder to work as a Benenzon therapist and / or Magister. 


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