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About Cyprus


Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean, and a member state of the European Union. It is situated at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. The island is multilayered, like its history, with a compelling culture, lifestyle and landscape, overseen by warm, hospitable people.

Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate where it is sunny most of the time.


For more information on Cyprus visit THIS link.



Visa Information


Visa Requirements for Non-EU Students

All non-EU students who apply to the Benenzon International Academy require a visa to enter Cyprus. Provided that all the required documents and payments have been received, the Academy will submit the student’s documents to the Migration Authorities for evaluation.


  1. €55 Application fee (application will not be processed without this non-refundable fee).

  2. €86 Student Visa fee (application will not be processed without this non-refundable fee).

  3. 4 passport sized photos.

  4. Attested copy of High School Leaving Certificate (Lower & Higher Secondary) and mark sheets.

  5. Attested passport copy (valid for at least two years from the start of the semester to be enrolled).

  6. Attested Police Clearance Certificate (6 months validity period).

  7. Attested Bank Letter (6 months validity period) stating that the student’s sponsor has the financial ability to support his/her living, tuition and repatriation expenses. Sponsor may only be Father/ Mother/Self. In case of another Sponsor, please supply Court affidavit. The letter must also clearly state the relationship between Sponsor and student.

  8. Supporting bank statement (1 month validity).

  9. Attested Blood Test reports for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C (4 months validity).

  10. Attested chest X-ray report for tuberculosis (4 months validity).


Attestation of Documents


Students are required to attest the aforementioned documents by the appropriate/relevant authorities in their home country. The attestation process differs between countries who have signed the Hague Convention, 1961 (Apostille) and those who have not.


Attested documents must be in English or Spanish. In cases where a translation is necessary, this must be done by an approved translator and attested by the relevant authorities in the applicant’s country.


Required documents, dully attested, should be sent via post to the Academy.


Please contact the International Admissions Office for instructions on how to attest documents in your country at


Airport Pickup

You can get to the Academy from the Larnaca International Airport by taking a taxi, the Kapnos Airport Shuttle, the Inter-City bus or by Travel Express.


Taxi: We can reserve a taxi for you that will be expecting you at the airport on the day of your arrival. The price is approximately €50-€55 to take your from Larnaca International Airport directly to the Academy or to your hotel. 

Kapnos Airport Shuttle: The Kapnos shuttle will pick you up from the Larnaca International Airport and drive you to Nicosia


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