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A) How to apply


Criteria necessary to apply for enrollment: 


  • To hold a university degree and / or equivalent professional experience.  

  • To submit CV 

  • To submit a letter of intent to be trained as Benenzon therapist.


The scientific or the academic committée assesses in three (3) meetings the Benenzon therapist-to-be in the Benenzon Center placed there where he / she comes from. In those meetings his /her ability to exercise the profession, his / her vocation to serve, his / her implicit willingness and his / her knowledge are assessed.


Those who possess university titles or other qualifications may apply for the recognition of courses, as the scientific committee shall determine.

The aim of the first three years of study is to provide a complete picture of the theoretical model. The following two years will lead to the completion of the university degree in the Benenzon non-verbal therapy and for this purpose the full-time study of the five years is compulsory.

Besides the theoretical part in which the Benenzon non-verbal therapy is based, during all the academic years it will also be necessary to attend workshops in order to enrich the education.


Given that the student who becomes a Magister  receives also the title of Supervisor and Instructor in this model, it is absolutely crucial that a Benenzon therapist dedicates at least for two years to clinical work, supervision and continuous education, in order to get the right to become a Magister. And all this not only because in this way this title gets an accurate value, but also because if a Magister lacks these abilities, he / she will never be able to educate and, much less, to suvervise others. 


All students who are accepted to become a Benenzon therapist in the Academy must undergo a personal non-verbal (obviously) Benenzon Therapy during their first year of studies in the Benenzon Centers or with the Benenzon Magistri. Therefore, all Benenzon therapists-to-be must undergo this experience as pacients.


Every student, during the course of the five years, has the opportunity to deepen in psychological, sociological and anthropological issues so as to achieve the aspects of therapeutic treatment and to gain an integrated identity as Benenzon therapist.  

The official languages of the Academy, in which all lessons are taught and which are learnt from the first year, are Spanish and English. 

The official languages of the Academy are English and Spanish. All classes will be taught in these languages.


B) Financial Information


1) Fees






2) Method of Payment


Students are kindly requested to use the following method for paying their fees at the Academy.


Bank Deposit  





A/c Number: 357020529186


IBAN: CY07002001950000357020529186






Always quote your Registration Number and Name when making the payment.

In the case that you do not know the Registration Number (New Student) please quote the Reference Number listed on the top of the acceptance letter.

Send by e-mail at

For any inquiries in regards to payments please e-mail us at 


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