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The academic program will be based on the basis of the Benenzon theory without restricting its freedom of continuous evolution, something that, on the contrary, happens very often to other models of psychotherapy.


Prof. Dr. Rolando O. Benenzon in cooperation with Magister Maria Vasiliou and with the counseling role of a number of Magistri, created a five-year study program (Bachelor and Master degree) that guarantees the highest level of training in the Benenzon Therapy. 


The Benenzon International Academy consists of two (2) countries of operation:


  • Argentine (Buenos Aires)

  • Cyprus (Nicosia)

The academic program consists of three (3) modes of study:

1)  Long-distance (both cordinated by the European Seat)

2)  At the seats

3)  At the Benenzon centers / with Magistri.


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