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Institutional Bodies


The Academy maintains the same scientific committee for all countries - whereof Prof. Dr. Rolando O. Benenzon is the general supervisor- and it consists of: 


  • Prof. Dr. Rolando O. Benenzon – Chairman

  • Magister Mrs. Maria Vasiliou – Coordinator 

  • Magister Gabriella Wagner

  • Magister Mariano Betés

  • Magister Marina Romero

  • Magister Pietro Vitiello

  • Magister Fabbiene Cassiers

  • Magister Mauricio Fuentes


Academy Administration Committee: 


  • Magister María Vasilíou

  • Magister Floréncia Benenzon

Academic Organization:

  • Antigoni Marinou

  • Christina Loizide

  • Dora Pavlidou


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