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Please make all tuition fees prior to the commencement of the term or as per authorization of the Director.


The enrolment fee is  €200 which is payable upon the acceptance of the application.


Benenzon Method Bachelor Degree                                           €


Year 1 _____________________________________________  1.850 /per term*

Year 2 _____________________________________________  1.850 /per term*

Year 3 _____________________________________________  1.850 /per term*

Year 4 _____________________________________________  1.850 /per term*


Benenzon Method Master Degree


Year 5 _____________________________________________  1.850 /per term*





Each academic year consists of two (2) terms, therefore the whole year’s fee is €3,960 in total.

The above tuition fees are modestly priced as they take into account the per capital income of each region where students come from.


The above tuition fee include:


  • Enrolment fee

  • Admissions processing fee 

  • Online learning material

  • Spanish Language Learning with Certification

  • Annual immersion programme held at the local Benenzon Centre in Cyprus

  • Guidance from Administration staff


Payment Terms


You are contractually obligated to pay the entire term’s tuition at the beginning of the term in order to be admitted on the online program and receive access to the academic material and lectures.


Late Fees


A late fee may be assessed by the Academy’s Director based on the circumstances.

If you are concerned about paying on time, please do let the Administration Department be aware of this possibility in order to work out a different plan with the Director.




Payments collected for each term are non-refundable when the student has registered, gained access and commenced using and obtaining material from the Academy’s online study platform. The Director may refund a portion of the prepaid tuition fee based on the circumstances.


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