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  • The courses in blue colour are taught on-line. For this purpose a tutor will be assigned to each student by an established committee.  

  • The courses in green colour are taught exclusively at the Benenzon Centers or at the official seat.

  • The courses in purple colour are conducted once a year, for a term not less than one month and not more than two months, at the establishment of the central seat in Europe and at those of the central seat in Argentina.


Every student is guided by a Magister for the entire duration of his studies.  



1st Semester


  • Psychology of sound

  • General Psychology: Freud / Winnicott /Jung/ Watzlawick / Bateson / Lawrence

  • Fundamental concepts of Anatomy and Physiology

  • Teaching Educational Music: Dalcroze / Willems / Orff / Kodaly

  • Technique of Music Instruments 

  • Foreign Language (Spanish / English)

2nd Semester

  • Neurobiology

  • History of Sound non-verbal communication

  • General Psychology: Wertheimer / Kohler / Lacan / Anzieu / Jodorowsky

  • Philology - Hesse / Borges / Cortazar / James Joyce / Baricco / Kavafis 

  • Technique of Music Instruments 

  • Foreign Language (Spanish / English)



Personal Benenzon Therapy – at least 50 hours for each student.


During the first year, every student is obliged to undergo at least 50 hours for his personal Benenzon Therapy, under the guidance of the same Magister. The therapeutic course that every student is intended to follow will provide him with the opportunity to self-knowledge while deepening in his personal course. Equipped with personal experience of the Benenzon Therapy, the student will be capable of better perceiving the therapeutic course of his/her patient.  



Labs  will be organized at the forth Academic year.​

Students will be notified accordingly as to the subject matter of the labs and relevant dates.


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